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Debunking Cadiz Water Project Myths

Sen. Dianne Feinstein once again dusted off her oft-used and oft-disproven criticisms of the Cadiz Water Project earlier this week, which the San Bernardino Sun ran as an opinion column.

Two responses quickly followed. Former CalEPA Secretary and former Special Assistant for Environmental Affairs to Gov. Jerry Brown, Winston Hickox, wrote an op/ed, which the Sun has published, “Thoroughly Reviewed Cadiz Project to Provide Water, Jobs.”

Also in response, Cadiz countered her opinions with facts in a succinct answer to each of the Senator’s faulty critiques, covering environmental impacts, the approval process and judicial review, the project’s hydrological studies, calls for a federal review, and the Bureau of Land Management’s controversial letter that has stalled the project.

The short, easy-to-understand document can be downloaded here.

The document also reminds us of the often overlooked positives of the project and summarizes them nicely:

The Project would make available a reliable local water supply for 400,000 people and new groundwater storage opportunities in Southern California in accordance with a Court-approved management plan and without adverse environmental impacts. The Project also promises significant local economic benefits, including jobs for veterans, laborers and the building trades, and nearly a billion dollars in local economic stimulus. It will be privately financed and will create a $6 Billion savings benefit to water rate payers over its 50 years.

No single solution will solve our State’s water challenges, but the Cadiz Project is precisely the type of water project we need in California to address the state’s hydrological variability, climate change impacts and infrastructure needs.



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