March 28th, 2017

‘Significant Risk’ at Oroville Underscores Need for Cadiz Water Project

The “very significant risk” damage to the Oroville Dam spillway underscores the need to diversify California’s water supply, including increased groundwater storage capacity, as Phase 2 of the Cadiz Water Project would provide. According to a recent Wall Street Journal …

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March 24th, 2017

KCET Runs Positive Essay on Cadiz Water Project

Following years of spinning negative yarns about the Cadiz Water Project, Los Angeles Public Television Station KCET has welcomed an essay from project proponents. With a column titled, “Conservation and Sustainable Management of Groundwater in Desert is Worthy of Support,” …

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March 20th, 2017

Debunking Cadiz Water Project Myths

Sen. Dianne Feinstein once again dusted off her oft-used and oft-disproven criticisms of the Cadiz Water Project earlier this week, which the San Bernardino Sun ran as an opinion column. Two responses quickly followed. Former CalEPA Secretary and former Special …

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March 2nd, 2017

Congress Steps Up Support for Cadiz Water Project

A bipartisan group of 18 Congressional Representatives from eight states has signed a letter urging Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke – who was confirmed yesterday – to withdraw a controversial Bureau of Land Management (BLM) determination that is holding up the …

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February 22nd, 2017

Cadiz Water Project Shines in Wet Years, too

As rains lash California and reservoirs that were nearly empty after five years of drought now have the state’s attention for a very different reason – worry about the overflowing Oroville Reservoir’s structural integrity – it’s a good time to remind ourselves about Phase …

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