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Cadiz Water Project on Laborers’ List for Trump Administration

Construction laborers unions have placed the Cadiz Water Project on a priority infrastructure list requested by President Donald Trump, according to news reports from McClatchy’s Washington DC news bureau.

We reported earlier on another such list, circulated among business and congressional leaders, that included Cadiz. Both lists are made up of large infrastructure projects that will generate jobs and require little or no federal funding.

According to McClatchy, the North American Building Trades Unions sent Pres. Trump a “wish list” of 26 projects, including water and wind projects, energy transmission lines, pipelines, bridges and tunnels. North American Building Trades Union president Steve McGarvey said the list was submitted in mid-February, adding:

“They want to use this list as an economic development tool, not just to refurbish the infrastructure, but to use it as a tool to create jobs.”

The Cadiz Water Project is listed on the union’s list as “95% complete” with its permitting,┬áprivately funded, and generating 5,900 direct jobs. That’s correct – Cadiz has a certified EIR that has withstood all court challenges, and the final steps for the project’s approval are underway. It is a public-private partnership, with the company responsible for funding project engineering, approvals and construction, and participating water providers responsible for operations. And construction of the well field, pipeline and related infrastructure will indeed create and support about 5,900 family-supporting jobs.

When completed, the Cadiz Water Project will provide enough water to Southern California water providers to serve the annual water needs of 400,000 persons. Without the project, the water could continue to evaporate from desert dry lakes and be lost to beneficial use.

Cadiz is one of only four projects on the 26-project list denoted as being “95% complete” with regulatory permitting. The other 22 projects are shown as having permitting “in progress.”

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